A Scheduled Report is a modified version of a normal report, with options for the interval and frequency on which it will be scheduled to run automatically.  The general instructions for creating a report can be found here.

From the Import / Export page, click Run Existing Report.  Select a report template as normal, and in the second step, check the box marked “Schedule This Report”.  Once checked, you will see options for running the report at the beginning, middle or end of every four hours, day, week, month or year.  For example, if you set a report to run at the end every year, that report will run at midnight on the last day of each year until you stop the report. 

By selecting the check box marked "Email This Report" you can also add one or more email addresses that this report will automatically be sent to upon generation, so that you can easily include all interested parties. 

This feature saves you having to spend time generating and downloading a report manually if you expect to run that report on a regular basis.  Configure it once and then have the reports sent to you until you configure them to arrive on a different date or stop them entirely. 

To see a list of all reports that you have scheduled as well as when they are configured to be run and sent, you can click "Scheduled" along the top of the Import / Export page.

As we continue to add new reporting abilities, these improvements will feed directly into this workflow, increasing the amount of daily work you’re able to automate and entrust to the Zentail platform.

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