It's recommended to have a non-FBA warehouse available to fulfill your off-Amazon orders. While some marketplaces to not explicitely prohibit the use of FBA for their orders, there are a few compelling reasons why you should limit your FBA dependence when diversifying your sales mix. Here are a few things to consider before using FBA to fulfill your non-Amazon orders:

For these reasons, it is strongly encouraged that you have a non-FBA warehouse set up to fulfill non-Amazon orders. You can certainly use your FBA inventory as a backup using Zentail's Warehouse priority settings!

Add a new warehouse on Zentail

To add a new warehouse on your Zentail account, please contact a member of the Zentail team via [email protected] or through the in app chat feature. You can manage your inventory and orders for this warehouse directly on Zentail. Alternatively, Zentail has a number of integrations available with various fulfillment and inventory management partners.

If you'd like to manage orders and inventory for this warehouse through a different software, you can take advantage of Zentail's Open API to make sure information is communicated in an efficient manner!

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