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How to set your Warehouse Priority settings for order fulfillment
How to set your Warehouse Priority settings for order fulfillment

Learn how to set rules to automatically route or send orders to specific warehouses.

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Depending on your company's needs and costs, it may be more beneficial to route your orders to one warehouse over another. This document will review the logic for routing orders and show you how you can adjust your warehouse priority settings in Zentail. Please note that Amazon orders will always route to available FBA inventory. We've included more detailed information on the logic behind our fulfillment routing below.

Setting or Changing your Warehouse Fulfillment Priority Settings

  1. Go to your Account Settings page and select the Company Settings tab

  2. In the Warehouse Fulfillment Priority Settings table, you can view your current fulfillment settings

  3. To move a warehouse up or down in priority, click on the respective up or down arrow next to that warehouse.


Please note that this will be your priority for all of your SKUs across all non-Amazon channels. Amazon FBA Orders still route to FBA first.

The Logic

Here's an example of how Zentail routes orders:

  1. An order comes in to Zentail

  2. Is this an Amazon FBA order?  If Yes: it's already routed to an FBA warehouse by Amazon.  Otherwise...

  3. Look at the top warehouse on your priority list.  Is there inventory available in that warehouse for the entire order?
    - If Yes: Route all inventory to that Warehouse
    - If No: Go down your list of Warehouses and determine if any one warehouse can fulfill the entire order. If so, route to that warehouse
    - If no single warehouse can fulfill the entire order, fulfill where the most products can be routed to first.  If there is a tie, refer to the priority list.  Note: this does not apply to kits.

Here's more info on How Zentail Routes Orders.

Default Settings for non-Amazon Marketplaces (Walmart, eBay, etc.)

Right now, we prioritize MF before FBA by default.
If there is no priority list set for an account, we generate a default list that goes

  1. MF

  2. FBA

  3. Other 3PLs

If there are multiple MF, FBA or 3PL, they are equal priority.

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