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The Zentail Data Dictionary
The Zentail Data Dictionary

A resource for use with importing and fixing the "not a valid header" errors

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Sometimes when running an import in Zentail you'll come across different errors saying the column header was not valid. What this likely means is that one or more of the headers in your import does not match up with the exact attribute name in Zentail. 

The Zentail Data Dictionary allows you to search for all available attributes in Zentail and check whether the field is importable, exportable, or both, and also tells you what the valid values are for the field selected. 

For example, in the screenshot below you can see the "Are Batteries Required" field, what the exact correct header is so you can copy and paste into your spreadsheet. Below that the data type (e.g. text, numeric, or Boolean) with valid values are displayed, along with whether this specific attribute is importable and/or exportable.

Steps to use the data dictionary

  1. Visit and bookmark it if you import a lot! 

  2. Search for the attribute you're looking for in the "Attribute Search" search bar.

  3. Select the correct Attribute to display the information for it on the right hand side.

See the legend below for attribute properties: 

Data Type: This is the type of input this attribute accepts. "Boolean" represents true or false attributes, "numeric" represents attributes that require a number value, and "text" represents attributes that allow free input. 

Category Listing Report Headers: This property states which headers (from a Category Listing Report from Amazon) the attribute will map to. See our help article on this for more information

Valid Values: This property will tell you what the acceptable values for the attribute are.  Please note that the specified valid values and the attributes themselves are case-sensitive. 

Importable: States whether the attribute is available for import.

Exportable: States whether the attribute is available for export. 

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