Accessing your Category Listing Report(s) on Amazon provides you with an export of detailed product data for your catalog. Please note that the amount of data included on these exports is dependent on how much data you've provided Amazon Seller Central. For example, if you tend to only sell on existing ASINs and rarely add any information (such as Description, search terms, or bullet points), then your Category Listing Report is unlikely to include any of that information either.

There are three steps you'll like to follow in order to download your Category Listing Reports.

  1. Gain access to these reports
  2. Review what Categories you sell in (optional)
  3. Download the appropriate Category Listing Reports

Gain access to your Category Listing Reports

This report is not readily available in your Seller Central, so we recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Contact Amazon Seller Central support (Or, open a case, label it "Feeds" or "CLR")
  2. Ask for the feeds department.
  3. Ask them to unlock the Category Listing Reports. It is best to ask for them to unlock all of them in case you sell in more than one category.

They should make these available for you within 1-2 hours, although it make take one full day. If it takes longer than a day, we recommend following up. The Default is for the reports to be available for 7 days. You can always call back and ask again. There are no limits to how many times.

Review what Categories you sell in (optional)

If you sell in a number of categories, or are unsure what categories your products sell in, you can access your business reports to verify this information. To look up this information you can follow this link: Sales by Category on Amazon Seller Central or the below steps:

  • Log in to Seller Central and select REPORTS => Business Reports
  • View the Sale Dashboard, scroll down to the Sales by Category section

Now you have a list of categories for your catalog!

Download the appropriate Category Listing Reports

  • Go to Inventory => Inventory Reports
  • Click on the drop down where it says "Select Report Type"
  • Select The Report Type you would like (Ex. Category Listing Report)
  • Select the appropriate category (or categories)
  • Click Request Report

Please request this report as a .txt or .tsv file and send to your Onboarding Specialist to have them imported. 

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