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How Zentail and Deliverr Interact
How Zentail and Deliverr Interact

Review what information is sent back and forth between Zentail and your Deliverr account

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Zentail integrates with Deliverr as an inventory management and fulfillment integration. In this article, we'll go into detail on how the two systems communicate with one another, where you should be making certain updates, and what to expect once you're live! To integrate your Deliverr and Zentail accounts, please refer to the instructions in our How to integrate Deliverr with Zentail article.

Communication is key

Shipping an order

With this integration, Deliverr is regularly asking Zentail for any new orders that have been routed to be fulfilled by your Deliverr warehouse. This means:

  1. An order is placed on a sales channel.

  2. The order comes into Zentail and goes through the normal order routing process.

  3. If your Deliverr warehouse is the top warehouse with availability for this order, Zentail will route the order to your Deliverr warehouse.

  4. As Deliverr asks Zentail for any new fulfillable orders, it will identify your new order and pull it into Deliverr!

  5. From here, Deliverr does what it needs to do to ship the order.

  6. Deliverr will update Zentail with order information once the order has been shipped.

  7. Zentail updates the sales channel that the order has shipped with tracking information!

Updating Inventory

Deliverr controls what quantity is available at your Deliverr warehouse for the SKUs located there. It will regularly update Zentail with this information when inventory is first received, and after you stock out for that product. Zentail uses this information to update the sales channels with accurate inventory levels.

As with all warehouses, you can have inventory at multiple locations across Zentail. So you may have X number of units at Deliverr, Y units at FBA, and Z units at your local warehouse. Assuming all warehouses are enabled for a sales channel, Zentail will make [X + Y + Z] units available for that SKU.

Once an order is placed, the order will route to the best available warehouse!

Where to update SKU information

A simple rule-of-thumb is that if you need to send inventory to your Deliverr warehouse or create new SKUs in your Deliverr acount, you should do that in Deliverr. Everything else should be done in Zentail! Zentail is the platform sending your product data, pricing information, order details, and total available quantity (across multiple warehouses) to each sales channel. So make sure you're using Zentail to manage that information.

What to expect once you're live

Once you're all set up with Zentail and Deliverr, you'll want to follow Deliverr's instructions on sending available quantity to specific locations. Then just go about your normal day-to-day business! Deliverr will update Zentail with available quantity and the two systems will communicate the necessary order and inventory information on a regular basis.

Assuming you're set up for it, you'll see your 2-day shipping flag show up on the approved listings.

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