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How to enable the 2-Day tag on your Walmart listings from Zentail

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Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping is a program that guarantees free delivery within 2 business days. Eligible items are displayed with 2-day shipping tags that increase product visibility and result in improved sales and conversions.

Eligible sellers can manage the 2-Day tag from Zentail. This is managed on a warehouse to warehouse basis. Meaning, if a product has inventory within the enabled warehouse, Zentail will send the tag to that listing on Walmart. This article will cover:

2-Day Eligibility

To leverage the 2-day shipping tag on you can qualify with the seller-fulfilled criteria (below).  Alternatively, you can work with a Walmart-qualified 3PL such as Deliverr. For more information, read about how to integrate Deliverr with Zentail.    

Seller-Fulfilled Eligibility Criteria

The seller-fulfilled program option is only available to sellers who meet high delivery performance standards along with other criteria.

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be a Walmart Marketplace seller for more than 90 days

  • Have fulfilled a minimum of 100 orders on Walmart Marketplace

  • Offer a generous returns policy

  • Meet the minimum performance standards below. Check your Fulfillment Insights metrics in Seller Center to confirm that your performance for the last 30 days meets these requirements: On-Time Shipping: >95%; On-Time Delivery: >95%; Valid Tracking Rate: >95%; Cancellation Rate: <1.5%

Request Access to Seller-Fulfilled Option

Sign into Seller Center, navigate to your Shipping settings page, and click Request Access. 

Once approved, choose the option "I prefer to choose which of my items will be included in this program".

Check the option to acknowledge Free 2-day shipping

How to manage adding the 2 day tag from Zentail

  1. Decide which warehouse you want to enable the 2-day tag for.

  2. Decide what region you want to enable the 2-day tag for
    -You can choose nationwide (continental 48 states), specific regions (Northeast, Midwest, South, West), or specific states.
    + Northeast: Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut
    + Midwest: Illinois, Nebraska, Ohio, Minnesota, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Wisconsin, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa
    + South: Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, District of Columbia, Mississippi, Texas, Maryland, North Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Delaware, West Virginia, Tennessee
    + West: Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Washington, Wyoming, Oregon, Montana, Arizona, Idaho, New Mexico, California

  3. Contact Zentail ([email protected]) and let the team know that you'd like to be enrolled in the beta program to enable the Walmart 2-day tag. Let us know what warehouse(s) you would like this enabled for and the coverage for each warehouse (specific states, regions, or nationwide).

Protip: If you want to enable the tag for specific products, you can create a new warehouse on Zentail and transfer inventory for those products to this warehouse!

Key Features of the Free 2 Day Shipping Program

Increased Product Visibility

  • Improved search rankings and filter inclusion

  • Dynamic display of free 2-day tags based on customer location

  • Increased customer attention and interest with the familiar green tag

Buy Box Prominence

  • Offers with free 2-day tags have a better chance to win the Buy Box

  • Target conversion of customers who value 2-day shipping

Regional Shipping Settings

  • New settings to customize your offers – include your entire inventory in the program or configure item-level overrides

  • Configure times and prices by region and state – enable the program even if you can't cover the entire 48-state region

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