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Walmart Returns and Refunds

How to manage Walmart returns and refunds in Zentail

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To streamline and standardize the customer experience, Walmart allows customer-initiated returns on all items (exceptions can include freight items, hazmat items, and "keep it" items). Once the returned item has been received, the seller has 48 hours to issue a refund.

As a result of this policy, this is how Walmart returns and refunds are handled in Zentail:

  1.  Zentail will now automatically pull in customer-initiated return requests from Walmart.  You don't need to manually generate an RMA (return merchandise authorization).

  2. Walmart requires that the return must be completed within 48 hours.  To do this, locate the order in the Orders View filter "Return Requested", open it, and then use the "Complete Returns" button to finish the process. See below for more about the return workflow.

  3. No merchant initiated RMAs (return merchandise authorizations) should be generated. If a Walmart order needs to be refunded it should be done as a refund. See below for more information about the refund workflow.

Return Workflow

Once a customer has initiated a return on Walmart it will flow into Zentail.

Note:  If the refund is for less than the full amount, you must select a reason.

Refund Workflow

If a customer has asked for a refund but has not initiated a return in Walmart, or if a package was returned as "undeliverable", you'll want to issue a refund rather than a return. To do so, click the three vertical dots at the top of an order and select "Issue Refund"

Then you'll want to enter the amount you are refunding and the reason for the refund.

Additional Reading

For more information about Walmart's return and refund policies, see the Walmart Knowledge Base article Walmart Marketplace Returns Policy.

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