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Setting Channel Specific Promotions
Setting Channel Specific Promotions

Schedule promotions or Scheduled Sales for specific channels or Marketplaces

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You can set up your promotional pricing for each marketplace from Zentail. This will display your product as "on sale", with a "Sale Price", with a line striking through your "Item Price". This feature allows you to:

  1. Display discounts and savings to the shopper which drives more sales.

  2. Set up a sale for a specific period of time.

  3. Set up a sale to run indefinitely.

  4. Help you discount and sell slow moving inventory.

Using this Channel Specific Promotional Pricing tool, you can enable Zentail to send this to Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Facebook, Google, BigCommerce or Magento (assuming Zentail is enabled to send pricing data to these marketplaces and your SKUs are set to List).

How to Set up your Promotion on a Per Channel basis

You can set up a Scheduled Sale, or Promotion, on Zentail by using the Advanced Options on each SKU. Simply:

  1. Open up the SKU you want to promote.

  2. Find the integration card for the channel you want to set your sale on (Amazon, Facebook, Walmart, etc.).

  3. Select Advanced Options.

  4. Enter the Start Date (required)

  5. Select 'On Sale Indefinitely' OR enter your End Date.

  6. Enter your Item Price (original price, or MSRP) and your Sale Price (the price at which a shopper can purchase this product during the sale). *At this point, you should see a sample discount showing the Dollar amount and percentage discounted. If it does not pop up, it means your sale price is more expensive than the item price, and needs to be changed. **Make sure you're offering at least a 15% discount to qualify for Daily Deals.

  7. Click Update.

Using QuickEdit, Import / Export, and Bulk Actions

You can also use our bulk editing tools to create and manage your Daily Deals. Here are the attribute names to reference:

  • {Your Store} (Channel) Scheduled Sale Start Date

  • {Your Store} (Channel) Scheduled Sale End Date- if you leave this blank, Zentail will automatically check the "On Sale Indefinitely" option.

  • {Your Store} (Channel) Scheduled Sale Item Price

  • {Your Store} (Channel) Scheduled Sale Sale Price

Make sure to read up on QuickEdit, Import / Export, and Bulk Actions!

Required Fields

  • Start Date - This is the date that your promotion will begin. Zentail will start using your scheduled sale information on this date.

  • Sale Price - This is the discounted price for your product. Shoppers will be able to purchase your product at this price.

  • Item Price During Sale - This is the price that your sale price will be compared to. It must be greater than your Sale Price.

*Make sure your Sale Price is less than your Item Price During Sale

On Sale Indefinitely

Zentail offers a feature where you can display products to be on sale indefinitely. This means, you'll regularly use this promotional pricing unless you choose to end the sale. To set up a sale to run indefinitely you can do one of two actions:

  1. Check the "On Sale Indefinitely" field

  2. Leave the "End Date" blank.

For more information and frequently asked questions, please review the article on How to set Promotional Pricing or Scheduled Sale!

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