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Accounting and Reporting Accuracy

Why you might see differences between your Amazon sales report and sales reports in Zentail

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Zentail has an awesome suite of analytics and reporting tools at your fingertips, and your dashboard is full of useful information to keep a pulse on your business.

Something to keep in mind when comparing the numbers in Zentail to other channels or systems is that the numbers may look a little different.  Neither system is incorrect, and the discrepancy is most often based on some differences in either time zone, pending payment orders, or settlement reports.

1. Time Zone

Different systems (or even different users) may see differences in the reporting on the account based on which time zone the channel or the user is using to report that information.

2. Pending Payment Orders

If the payment hasn't been processed for an order it will appear in the Pending Payment filter in your orders view, and be displayed with zero revenue (or N/A) until the payment is processed and the channel updates Zentail with the total payment on the order.

3. Settlement Reports

Certain pieces of information about an order are estimated until finalized by the marketplace, such as shipping cost or channel commissions.  These final numbers are generally provided some time after the order is completed in what's known as a reconciliation report.

In other words, don't be alarmed if the numbers look a little different (especially while there are pending payment orders).  As accurate information is available we'll automatically update your Zentail account.  You (and members of your team) may still see slight differences based on accounting standards or time zones even though the orders used to generate this info is the same.

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