You may see this suggested improvement on some of your products:  "Product does not have complete shipping dimensions, shipping label generation may not work correctly."  It's a suggested improvement, not a listing error or critical issue, meaning that the marketplaces will still accept and post the product.

Where these fields come in handy is for your shipping team to know the dimensions and weight of the product and accurately establish shipping costs. This is important when using EasyPost through Zentail. 

Key Considerations

  1. For single products this is under the Price & Availability tab.  For product groups you can select whether a group shares shipping information or not.  If the group does share dimensions it will show up in the Product Group Attributes tab, rather than the This Product Tab.

  2. Dimensions are in inches for these fields.

  3. Weights are in pounds for package weight.

Here's a look at how to add this information to your products:

Per Product - Entering Specs

  1. Enter the edit product view

  2. Go to the Price & Availability tab

  3. Enter the weight and dimensions

  4. Click save!

Per Product - Using Predefined Package

You can create predefined packages on your Company settings page.  To assign on to a product you can use a similar approach to the step above.

  1. Enter the edit product view

  2. Go to the Price & Availability tab

  3. Select the Predefined Package

  4. Click save!

In Bulk

You can use Quick Edit or Import Export to build a report with the necessary columns, plug the numbers in, then import to set these values in bulk.  The fields you would use are:

  • Package Height (inches)

  • Package Length (inches)

  • Package Width (inches)

  • Package Weight (lbs)

And, if you want to see if the group shares these specs, you can check out the Group Share Package Dimensions field.

Zentail Data Dictionary - note - do not select a UOM field, these are in inches and pounds by default.

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