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Enable Product Data for Shopify
Enable Product Data for Shopify

Review how to begin sending your Product Data in Zentail to Shopify.

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Enabling the Shopify Product Data Sync on your Zentail integrations page gives Zentail permission to send your product data to Shopify. Before you enable this feed option, make sure you're confident with the product data in Zentail.

Key Considerations

When does Zentail send product data to Shopify?

Please note that Zentail will send product data info to Shopify:

  1. If the Product Data Sync Feed is enabled

  2. The SKU is set to "List" to Shopify

  3. The SKU is an "active" SKU on Zentail

If the above conditions are satisfied, Zentail will send a product data feed to Shopify:

  1. When a SKU is set to list on Shopify.

  2. When update and push is clicked.

  3. When the price or inventory changes.

Note: Zentail will send a blank product data feed to Shopify if update and push is clicked but product data is not enabled.  Since the info will update automatically, let Zentail work it's magic and avoid pressing update and push.

Steps to complete before enabling the Product Data feed

  1. Confirm your product data is in good shape on Zentail- You have imported your Shopify Category Listing Reports (or your other best source of product data)- You have resolved your Shopify Critical Issues- Titles, description, images, bullet points, etc... are in Zentail-

  2. Connect your Shopify account.

  3. Make sure your integration is in Production Mode

Enabling the Product Data Sync Feed

  1. Complete all steps in the above "Steps to complete before enabling the Product Data Sync feed" section.

  2. Go to your Integrations page on Zentail

  3. Make sure you are view the Shopify integration tab.

  4. Enable the Product Data Sync Feed and the FBA Product Data Sync Feed

  5. Save Settings!

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