Before completely going live on a channel, you'll need to enable feed options.  An audit of the price, inventory, and product data we expect to show on the channel won't hurt either.

Next, we'll test a listing or two to ensure there are no major issues.  To do this:

  • Schedule a call with your onboarding specialist - it's good to have somewhere who's done this before there the first time a product goes live from Zentail to help answer any questions.
  • Verify the appropriate feed options for the channel are enabled
  • Find a product you'd like to test
  • Do a quick scan of the product data.  In particular ensuring there are no critical issues, the product details look good, there is inventory for the product, and either the item price (or price override) are good to go.

Next, set the product to list on each channel.  For webstores and eBay we can expect the product to show within a few minutes.  For other channels like Walmart, Amazon, and Jet it could take up to 30 minutes for the product to show.  Note: if it is an entirely new product on Jet it will need to go under review.

Once the small eyeball icon appears on the integration card you'll be able to click on it and be taken directly to the listing on the channel.  If a product gets an exclamation mark you may have to address a listing error.

Make sure that inventory, price, product details, and general appearance of the listing are up to par.  Any changes you'd like to make that should be done for other products can be done efficiently using the quick edit catalog view or import export tool.

Once everything is good to go try listing a larger set of products!

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