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Reading Feed Messages on Zentail
Reading Feed Messages on Zentail

Learn about the data that Zentail sends to Amazon, Walmart and other marketplaces

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The View Feed Messages tab in each product is a useful way to get the most in-depth updates on the data that Zentail is sending to a marketplace.

View Feed Messages will also show the time that the feed was sent to the marketplace, and when the marketplace accepted the data feed.

There are different types of feeds available for us to send data to marketplaces. They are:

  • Product Data

  • Relationship (note: not sent if EasyList is used)

  • Images

  • Pricing

  • Inventory

If there are separate FBA and MF SKUs for the selected product, both of those SKUs will have their own Product Data, Inventory and Price feeds:

The format of data in feeds will always be

<attribute> that attribute's value </attribute>

For instance, to tell a markteplace that a product is yellow, the feed will look something like:

<color> yellow </color>

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does Zentail send feeds?
Zentail will send a feed to each marketplace every fifteen minutes for every SKU that has been recently updated. This means that if you change a price for a SKU, Zentail will send out the newly-updated price to each Marketplace where the SKU is listed within the next 15 minutes.  The best way to ensure this happens is to click the blue "Update" button after making an edit.

The "Update & Push" button should only be used if all the integration feeds are turned on, and an edit was made for the entire integration and not the product (ex: default eBay shipping policy is changed).  This is an extremely powerful button and should only be used under these conditions.

Why don't I see feeds for some marketplaces?

There are a few reasons why you may not see feeds for some marketplaces.

  • Due to the nature of eBay's integration, feeds messages are not viewable.

  • Do you have product data sync enabled on your integrations page?  This is required to send product data feeds.

  • If this is for Amazon, have you checked the product data sync override within the SKU?  This needs to be toggled to Enable as well.

  • Is your SKU set to "List" for that Marketplace?  Zentail won't send product or pricing data feeds if your SKU is set to "Don't List".
    - If you've recently toggled your SKU from "List" to "Don't List", Zentail will send an updated inventory feed of zero quantity.

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