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Setting up your Walmart Integrations Page
Setting up your Walmart Integrations Page

A walk through of the different options on your Walmart integrations page and whether or not they're right for you.

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Your integrations page controls high level items about your Walmart integration, like your account credentials, feed options, and other account-wide settings.

To get to your integrations page, go to the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the screen and select Integrations.

Here's a breakdown of what you'll see when you click on Walmart Settings.

  1. Test Mode or Production Mode
    This is an over-arching on/off switch for your integration with Walmart. If this is in "test mode", Zentail will not communicate with your Walmart Seller Center. 

  2. Orders Test Mode or Orders Production Mode
    This determines whether Zentail should treat your orders as live orders or just test orders. If you have this in test mode, Zentail will not route your Walmart orders to any outside integration or fulfillment method. These orders will not appear on your dashboard or analytics within Zentail either. 

  3. Connection Settings
    This is where you enter your Walmart Seller Center credentials (like your Client ID and Client Secret). This allows Zentail to communicate with your Walmart account.

  4. Title
    What you'd like this integration to be called, like "XYZ Walmart".

  5. Feed Options
    Note:  If you're in the onboarding process, you can leave these alone for now.
    The Inventory Feed basically asks, "is Zentail allowed to send inventory to Walmart?"  However, just because you enable this feed doesn't mean Zentail starts sending inventory information.  You'll still need to set a SKU to list to Walmart for the first time.

  6. Use V2 (legacy) Schema
    99% of users will leave this unchecked. When Walmart updated its integration to V3, there was a minor loss in functionality that affects some accounts. But the increase in functionality on the newest integration (like the option to use Keywords and more specific categories) is the best option for most accounts.

  7. Ignore Inventory Threshold
    If you have an inventory threshold in place, check this off if you want this to be the channel where your final units of inventory are available.

  8. Opt-out of Free Value Shipping
    This option allows you to opt-out of Walmart's free value shipping program for your entire account. It is recommended that this option is unchecked.
    Learn more about this option here: Walmart's Free Value Shipping program

  9. Retire SKU
    You can use this tool to retire SKUs on your Walmart Seller Center. In general, this should only be used if you never intend to sell that SKU on Walmart Seller Center again.
    Learn more about this tool here: How to Retire a Walmart SKU.

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