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Kit management on Zentail and SkuVault
Kit management on Zentail and SkuVault

Learn how kits can be created effectively with the Zentail and Skuvault integration.

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In order to make sure that your product kits show up on Zentail and also on SkuVault, you need to be aware of the following:

  1.  Each of the underlying components in the kit need to be actual SKUs in Zentail

  2. You will need to create a kit

  3.  Zentail will then send your kit to SkuVault

  4. The underlying SKUs within the kit in Zentail should not be Inactive or Archived SKUs.  

  5. Please be sure to include your Brand and Vendor ("Supplier" in SkuVault) values for all SKUs in Zentail to create the SKUs in SkuVault.

  6. Verify that all SKUs that make up the kit exist in your SkuVault interface. 

Please note that if a SKU already exists in SkuVault as a single SKU, Zentail cannot change this SKU to a kit SKU on SkuVault automatically.

You must create the SKU as a kit on Zentail and directly on SkuVault.

When Zentail gets an order for the kit SKU, Zentail sends the kit SKU to SkuVault, then SkuVault will determine whether to keep it as a kit SKU or break it into components based on what's available.

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