This year, Walmart is introducing a new online shopping experience on for fashion-related products. As a part of this update, new formatting requirements for product photos have been announced by Walmart. This article is important if you sell products on Walmart in any of the categories below: 

Impacted Fashion Categories:
Men's Apparel, Women's Apparel, Kid's Apparel, Baby Apparel, Jewelry, Watches, Shoes, Accessories, Travel/Luggage

All product photos for products in the above categories must be formatted to 3:4 portrait mode. Avoid landscape photos and square photos. Here are more details from Walmart's announcement about this change: 

All product photos must be updated by April 16th, 2018 in order to stay listed on Walmart. If product photos are not updated by this time, Walmart will delist products that do not follow these guidelines. 

Contact Walmart Seller Support for more information about formatting your fashion photos, tips, and advice. 

To get product photos updated quickly in Zentail, our team recommends using the import/export feature, or QuickEdit. 

Product Images: Best Practices

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