Announced on March 19, 2018, Shopping Actions is a universal checkout experience hosted by Google. With Shopping Actions, shoppers can find and purchase your products directly on a range of Google interfaces including search, display, Google Express, Voice Assistant and Google Home smart speakers. 

Since the transaction occurs directly on Google, there is no re-direct to your own webstore. Instead of Google Shopping's pay-per-click model, you pay Google per sale ("pay-per-sale"). The pay-per-sale commission rate is similar to marketplace commission rates.

With Shopping Actions you should expect higher conversion rates, higher average order value and higher repeat purchasing.

Google Express

Google Express is a shopping mall that features all of the products that are available through Shopping Actions. What we like about Google Express is the focus on the retailer. Retailer logos are prominently displayed, not hidden, which helps with branding. We're impressed by the ease of use and design elements such as the FREE delivery progress meter that incentivize conversion. If your payment information is associated with your Google account, your checkout experience will be fast. This frictionless experience offers a major boost to conversion rates, cart values and repeat purchasing.

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