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How to Connect Google and Zentail
How to Connect Google and Zentail

How to integrate Google to Zentail and sell on Google Ads, Google Shopping, and Google Express

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If you haven't already, you can sign up for a Merchant Center account here create a Merchant Center and enter the basic info needed.

If you already do then let's get started!  The main things to connect Google and Zentail are to:

Connect the API

To do this, you'll add a Zentail user to the Merchant Center with the following permissions:

To add a user, go to the Wrench Icon, select Account Access, and add this service account email:  [email protected] as a user.
Paste the same email in your Zentail integrations page as the "Service Account Email".

While you're here, add "[email protected]" as a user as well so that the Zentail support team can have access to your Merchant Center account in the case that we need to help troubleshoot any issues.

Connect the FTP

  1. To get the FTP credentials head to the Wrench Icon > SFTP / FTP / GCS.

  2. Important: ensure you're looking in the FTP section not the SFTP section.

  3. Copy your FTP Username and paste in your Google Integrations page in Zentail.

  4. "Generate" or "Reset" your FTP password and paste . this in your Google Integrations page in Zentail.  Note: If you need to click Reset, consider if there are any other systems currently using that FTP password.

  5. Confirm with support or your implementation specialist what the proper settings should be for both Storefront and Product URL Exemption.

Start the Sync

  1. List SKUs to Google - this can be done by clicking LIST ALL LISTABLE PRODUCT on your Google integrations page.  You can also manage this on a per SKU level by setting Google Listed to TRUE.  Note: if you already have a feed in your Merchant Center, check with support and/or your implementation specialist first.  In roughly an hour you should see a 'zentail' feed in the Products > Feeds section of your Merchant Center.

  2. Enable Orders Sync - only do this if no other systems are currently processing orders from Google.  Consult Zentail support or your implementation specialist to if you have any questions.

If you haven't yet, ensure you've completed the Shopping Actions setup steps here.

Important Considerations

Your price on Shopping Actions must be less than or equal to your webstore price.  Your price on Google cannot be greater than the price on your webstore.  If it is, the price you uploaded to be Google will be overwritten by the price on your webstore.

If you're using a price override for your webstore, Zentail will automatically send the price override, unless you enter a price override for the Google integration.

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