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Overview: Buy on Google
Overview: Buy on Google

Buy on Google is a universal cart that allows shoppers to checkout with ease on any Google interface. Open beta coming September 2020

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Available in public beta in September 2020, Buy on Google is a universal checkout experience hosted by Google. With Buy on Google, shoppers can find and purchase your products directly on a range of Google interfaces including search, display, Google Shopping, Voice Assistant and Google Home smart speakers. 

Since the transaction occurs directly on Google, there is no re-direct to your own webstore. In the past, Google Shopping Actions had a pay per sale model. The pay-per-sale commission rate was similar to marketplace commission rates, however now Buy on Google aims to move towards a Zero Commission model, which means you will not have to pay Google for any sale made with a Buy on Google listing.

Note: If you are currently selling on Google Shopping Actions your commission rates will be reduced to 5% per sale and eventually moved to a zero commission model as the Buy on Google transition takes place.

Where can people find "Buy on Google" Listings?

Buy on Google listings will be found in the Google Shopping Interface at and also surface in the regular Google web search.

How do I get started with Buy on Google?

If you were not already selling on Google Shopping Actions, be sure to fill out the interest form found under Growth > Manage Programs in the Google Merchant Center. The interest form will allow you to participate in the open beta in September.

If you were already selling on Google Shopping Actions, be sure to fill out the remaining setup pieces required for Buy on Google so that you can automatically be included in the beta in September. Your commission rates on orders will be reduced to 5% until that time.

What other changes are coming?

Some additional changes that are coming with the new Buy on Google program include the following:

  1. Small business filters

  2. Options to customize payments and bring your own payment provider in Google Merchant Center

  3. Options for Google-facilitated returns or merchant-facilitated returns

  4. Options to add to existing listings in Google's catalog

  5. Adding support for other popular marketplace feed specifications

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