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Manage e-Mail Settings and Alerts
Manage e-Mail Settings and Alerts

Review how to manage your eMail alerts and notifications from Zentail.

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Each user can choose to enable or disable certain e-mail alerts from Zentail.  This is a useful way to stay on top of your sales and catalog data on Zentail.  E-mails will be sent to the e-mail address that you are logged in through.

There are three types of e-mails you can receive:

  1. All new orders on Zentail

  2. Orders that require additional attention

  3. Daily Digest reports

Receive an email when new orders come in

Use this to be notified anytime a new order comes in to Zentail. There's nothing like getting an e-mail that you're making money!

Receive an email when an order requires additional attention

This is a great e-mail to receive to make sure that any issues with orders are addressed immediately.  Please refer to our article on How to resolve an alert to clear an order from Needs Attention status to learn more about order alerts.

Daily Digest emails

These are daily e-mails that provide a quick overview of your sales, statistics, and order fulfillment rate.  We recommend that every user takes advantage of this!

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