Company User Management

Learn about managing users in this section of Account Settings.

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Zentail offers the ability to add multiple users to an account in the Company User Management section of Account Settings. This section allows you to add new users, manage user permissions, delete users and to reactivate deleted users. If you need to add new users, please see How to Add or Remove Users.

You can control other users' access by setting different user permissions. 


  • General Access - Provides a user with general access to Zentail. This is the bare minimum and should be checked for all active users

  • Account Admin - Gives a user the permission to create new users, as well as editing other users' permissions

  • Sales Data Access - Gives a user the ability to view high-level sales data on the Dashboard and access to Zentail's Analytics suite

  • Billing Access- This permission allows users to view the Billing section of the Account Settings page. This includes links to the invoicing system to pay for a Zentail subscription, and the ability to update your company's credit card.

For further details on managing user permissions, please see How to Manage User Permissions.

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