Backed by the guarantee delivery policies of FedEx and UPS, 71lbs identifies, files, and works your claims for:

  • Late shipments

  • Errors within your shipping invoices

  • Lost or damaged package

About the Partnership between Zentail and 71lbs

Zentail's mission is to provide top-tier software, ecommerce expertise, and a network of partnerships that add value for online sellers and maximize the ability to be successful.

If your business ships via FedEx or UPS, you are entitled to refunds on all late deliveries.  Zentail's partner, 71lbs, works on your behalf to identify these late or compromised deliveries and file claims to make sure you are getting your due refunds.

As your Shipping Advocate, 71lbs makes it easy to automate your shipping refunds, verify invoice surcharges, assist with lost or damaged claims, and more.  The fee for the service with 71lbs is contingent upon the actual refunds you receive – 71lbs only gets paid if you do.

Here's a link to the 71lbs website to learn more.

How to Know if You're a Good Fit for 71lbs 

  • Are you using Zentail?

  • Do you ship via FedEx or UPS - even via a 3rd party software?

  • Would you like to get a check for any late deliveries, lost or damaged packages, and more?

To confirm: the fee for service with 71lbs is contingent upon the actual refunds you receive – they only get paid if you do.

How to Get Started

No changes need to be made to your current shipping accounts or settings.  To sign up, you can either:

  1. Contact Zentail and provide your account credentials with permission to share them with 71lbs.  Or

  2.  Click this link to find out more information and click Sign Up in the upper right corner.

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