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How to integrate ShipBob with Zentail
How to integrate ShipBob with Zentail

ShipBob is a Zentail-certified 3rd party logistics provider of fufillment and warehousing services.

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Before you integrate ShipBob, please make sure all SKUs are standardized across channels. If you have different SKU names in ShipBob you can change them in your ShipBob account.

Connect Zentail and Shipbob

  1. First, make sure you have a ShipBob Account.

  2. Reach out to Zentail support to add ShipBob to your Zentail integration page.

  3. You'll be given a URL to page that looks something like:

  4. Click on the “Authorize & Install” button only once.
    - This will trigger an Oauth process with ShipBob and Zentail. Once that’s done the two applications will be connected.

Additional Settings to support Shipbob

Once you connect ShipBob and Zentail you will need to update the Warehouse for ShipBob to include a Shipping and Inventory unique identifier (they can be anything but should be the same. Popular options are “shipbob”).

Once you add those values please, notify support so we can complete an additional step to add these values on the backend for your account!

Once those values are included in your Warehouse Settings, Zentail will start pulling inventory from ShipBob and routing orders to Shipbob, per your order routing settings.

Pro Tip

If you prefer to prevent Zentail from creating orders in Shipbob (until you're ready) you can disable your Shipbob warehouse on Zentail for all channels by following this article: How to Enable or Disable Fulfillment Methods on a Per Channel Basis

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