This feature allows you to enable or disable a fulfillment method for a specific channel.

For example, you may wish to do this if you want to disable FBA multichannel fulfillment specifically for Walmart. When the below setting is implemented, the channel toggled to Disable receives 0 inventory for the warehouse you are managing. So for example, if SKU ABC has 0 units of inventory in your own warehouse and 100 units in FBA, Zentail will send 0 units of inventory to Walmart. Further, this setting prevents Zentail from sending a fulfillment order to FBA for orders that occur on Walmart.

Warehouse Channel Overrides can be found by going to your Account Settings page:

  1. Select the Warehouses tab and choose the warehouse you want to edit

  2. In the bottom right corner you should see Warehouse Channel Overrides

  3. Click on the toggle button to Enable or Disable the selected warehouse for the channel of interest

  4. Click UPDATE WAREHOUSE to save your changes

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