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Reauthenticate to connect eBay with Zentail
Reauthenticate to connect eBay with Zentail

What to do when your eBay Auth token is about to expire

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An eBay Live Token is valid for 18 months. When you've been selling online for several years, you will need to occasionally generate a new eBay Live Token in order to keep your eBay account secure and working smoothly. 

The Zentail interface will alert you when your eBay Live Token is close to expiring. When the expiration date is approaching, you will see these notifications in the bottom left of your Zentail software:

eBay will also send alerts about your Live Token expiring. Be sure to look for all messages from eBay via email, as these alerts are important. If your eBay Live Token is not renewed, this can result in delayed orders, downgraded eBay experiences for your customers, and in worst-case scenarios, eBay can suspend your eBay account. 

To keep your eBay account up and running and delivering great customer service, generate a new token with these steps: 

  • Go to the Zentail Integrations page

  • On the left sidebar => Click the eBay option

  • Scroll down, and click on the AUTHENTICATE button:

  • This button will bring you to your eBay interface where you can create a new token. 

  • You will be re-directed back to Zentail => Click back into the eBay option, and the API Key will appear. 

You're all set! Please feel free to contact the team at Zentail if we can assist with this process. 

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