When you need to update many SKUs in your catalog with overrides specifically for eBay, Amazon, or Walmart, use Zentail's Bulk Import tool make the process easier. To get started: 

  1. In the Import section of Zentail, create a template and search for the term 'Override'.

  2. Marketplace-specific override options, as well as override types, will appear on the right. 

Include a column for any channel and any price, title, or description. Some examples might be Amazon Title Override, BigCommerce Description Override - anything you'd like to override, include in the template as a column. 

    3. Download the template.
    4. Fill in the Override fields for each SKU in Excel or in spreadsheet software. Save the file as a .csv file.

    5. Re-upload the .csv file into Zentail using Templateless Product Data import or the same template you created.

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