This article  will guide you on solving an eBay error that says: "Input data for tag <Item.ShippingDetails> is invalid or missing. Please check API documentation." This error implies you are trying to create or update a listing without the proper shipping policy or detail in place.

On Zentail you can either implement your existing eBay shipping policy or you can create shipping options directly on Zentail. It is recommend that you implement your eBay shipping policy.

Implement your eBay Shipping Policy on Zentail

  1. On your Zentail Integrations page, navigate to the eBay tab on the left

  2. Check the box to Use Business Policies

  3. On the right side of the page, select the appropriate business policies

  4. Click Save Settings

Set Up your Shipping Options on Zentail

  1. Please go to the Integrations Page

  2. Click on the eBay card

  3. Under Shipping Options (right side of page)
    - Select a Carrier
    - Select a Service Level
    - Click Add

  4. Update and Push the SKU or for a catalog wide push, click Update all Products on the eBay Integrations page.

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