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Common eBay Errors and How to Resolve Them
eBay auth token will expire | Error: Auth token is hard expired
eBay auth token will expire | Error: Auth token is hard expired

Understand and resolve this common eBay error regarding your Auth Token.

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If you've set up your eBay integration through Zentail, you're familiar with the Auth token process. These Tokens are generally valid for 12-18 months. Zentail will provide a warning "ebay auth token will expire in {n} days" on the bottom of every page with a FIX button. If you see this, please take the following action to re-authenticate your eBay connection.

Once they've expired, you may receive a message that reads: "Auth token is hard expired, User needs to generate a new token for this application. 

Generate your eBay Production API Auth Token

  1. Go to the Zentail Integrations page

  2. On the left sidebar => Click the eBay option

  3. Make sure your account is toggled to "Production Mode"
    -if not, please do so and Save Settings before continuing.

  4. Scroll down and click the Generate Live Token button.

  5. Enter your eBay login credentials and approve the Zentail Commerce eBay application.

  6. You will be re-directed back to Zentail => Click back into the eBay option 

  7. Enter your PayPal email address in the “PayPal Email Address” field.

  8. Scroll down => Click SAVE SETTINGS

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