Sometimes it's helpful to send a different price a specific channel without relaying the same price to every channel. To accomplish this, you can use Channel Price Overrides on Zentail. This can be set up directly through the User Interface or with an Import.

How to Set a Price Override using the Price View

  1. Navigate to the Price View
  2. Find the SKU you would like to edit
  3. Click on the price in the Price on Channel column
    -If there is no price override in place, it will display the current Item Price in grey
    - If you do have an override, it will display the override in a darker, black font
  4. In the pop-up box, enter your price override
  5. Click Enter on your keyboard, or click away from the pop-up box to save your changes.
  6. A cloud-icon will appear to confirm your changes have been saved

How to set a Price Override on the Catalog Page

  1. Select a SKU
  2. In the Channels section of the left product sidebar => Click ADVANCED OPTIONS
  3. Enter the Item Price Override
  4. Click Update or Update & Push

How to set a Price Override through a Bulk Import

  1. Create a Custom Report Template that includes the field [Your Channel] Price Override
    - If you are implementing an eBay price override it might read "eBay Price Override"
  2. Fill out a .csv with the appropriate price override for each SKU
  3. Import this .csv into Zentail through the same custom report template you created

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