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Order Status Overview

Learn about order statuses including Pending, Pending Payment, Status Mismatch, Needs Attention and how to handle them.

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When you're looking at your Orders page, your Current Warehouse selected will determine how status information is presented.

All - all orders that have ever flowed into Zentail. 

Need To Ship - Any unshipped order that is supposed to ship from the selected warehouse will be in "Need To Ship".  

Pending - Any unshipped order, regardless of warehouse, will be in the "Pending" status no matter which warehouse view you're looking at.

Needs Attention - there is either a channel-generated alert/message or there is a user-generated alert that has been activated.

Batchable - these are orders for which labels can be generated in bulk directly in Zentail if you are using the EasyPost built-in label generator.

Processing - FBA or a Zentail-approved 3PL has accepted a fulfillment order and we are awaiting the order to be shipped. Once tracking is provided by FBA/3PL, the order's status will automatically change to Shipped and the channel will be updated.

Pending Payment - Orders that are not confirmed as payed for by each of your sales channels will be viewable in the Pending Payment status. These orders are typically under fraud review by their respective channel.

Status Mismatch - orders that have a status in Zentail that differs from the status on the associated channel. This typically occurs temporarily for example; when an order is marked as Shipped in Zentail, it will take ~15 minutes for the channel to receive our update and update the status on their side.

If an order is in Status Mismatch for longer than 2 hours, we recommend taking action as follows:

  1. If the tracking did not update with the channel, make sure the tracking is valid and manually enter it in the channel portal (i.e. Seller Central). 

  2. Please notify Zentail Support if you are experiencing unexpected and prolonged Status Mismatches.

Backorders - there is no inventory to ship an order and the order's status has been manually set to "Backordered"

Return Requested - open return requests.

Returned - completed returns (RMAs).

Partially Shipped - Partially Shipped orders are orders that Zentail believes were not fully shipped. The most common example is a multi-line-item order (i.e. more than one SKU) or a multi-unit order (i.e. multiple units of one SKU).

Shipped - shipped orders, otherwise referred to as "complete".

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