Zentail has flexible, automated order routing rules that allows you to manage and sell inventory for the same SKU across multiple warehouses. You can set your priority for each warehouse as well as enable or disable each warehouse for specific channels.

Zentail will use the rules you set up on your account to route orders to be fulfilled by the correct warehouse.

In some cases, Zentail is not able to route an order to any warehouse. This can occur when the SKU on the order does not exist in Zentail, or if the SKU is out of stock across all warehouses. In this case, we recommend selecting a default warehouse on your Account Settings page to make sure you have full visibility over your orders.

Setting a Default Warehouse

  1. Go to your Account Settings Page on Zentail

  2. Click on Company Settings

  3. Under Account Settings, click on the second drop down menu (Default typically says "None")

  4. Select a warehouse to default all un-routable orders

  5. Click Update Settings!

How to manually route, or re-route an order to a Warehouse on Zentail

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