When selling on your own BigCommerce webstore, you likely have a set of custom categories for your products. To push SKUs from Zentail to BC, you need to assign those categories within Zentail. This article shows you how you can assign your SKUs to your custom BigCommerce cateogies through the Zentail user interface or by using the import / export feature.

You can assign SKUs to up to two different BigCommerce categories on Zentail.

Using the Zentail User Interface

  1. Select the SKU you would like to categorize
  2. Click EDIT, navigate to CATEGORY & DESCRIPTION
  3. Go to the BigCommerce Custom Category Field, select the Browse icon
  4. Select the appropriate category for this SKU
  5. Click the check-mark icon to Save!

Using the Import / Export Feature

To assign your BigCommerce categories using the import / export feature, you should first download your BigCommerce Category Mappings:

  1. Go to the Import / Export page on Zentail
  2. Select the BigCommerce channel in step 1
  3. Select the Category Mappings report
  4. Start Generating Report!

This will give you a mapping of your Big Commerce categories and the corresponding number value to import into Zentail (the category_id).

Create a custom template that includes the attribute(s) for your BigCommerce Category.

Create a csv that includes the numeric "category_id" value from the mapping export in the field for your BigCommerce Custom Store Primary Category. Save this csv and import it into Zentail!

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