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How to integrate Zentail with ShipWorks
How to integrate Zentail with ShipWorks

This article reviews how to setup your Zentail and ShipWorks connection as well as some general information and common questions.

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You can follow the steps in this article to integration your Zentail account with your ShipWorks account.

Review your ShipWorks Integrations Settings

  1. Go to your Integrations page on Zentail and take the following steps:

  1. Take note of the Store URL to be used later in ShipWorks.

  2. Enter a secure Username and Password to be used later entered in ShipWorks.

  3. Select each channel to sync with (VERY IMPORTANT). This determines whether Zentail will actually send orders from a specific channel into your ShipWorks account. Zentail will also send orders from the selected channel into your Shipworks account for 'X' number of days in the past (you will determine the number of days back shortly)

  4. Remember to click Save Settings.

Add Stores on ShipWorks

  1. Go to your ShipWorks application.
    - Note: there is a feature on ShipWorks called "Backup Database". This may be a useful feature and you can read more about it: Connect ShipWorks to a Backup Database File

  2. Under the "Manage" icon, select the "Stores" icon.

  3. Click Add Store.

4. Select “Zentail” for store type, click Next.

Store Setup & Store Information

  1. Enter same username and password as entered in the Zentail integration card.

  2. Enter the Store URL from your Zentail integration card into the Module URL field. The data entered here must match exactly what is on Zentail, otherwise the integration will not work.

  3. Click Next

4. In the Store Information section, enter the Store name and address and click Next.

5. In the Contact Information, add your website, email and phone number and click Next.

Complete Store Setup

  1. Depending on which orders you want in ShipWorks choose the number of days.
    Zentail will send orders on Zentail into ShipWorks for the selected number of days in the past (as well as from this point forward). Please note:
    > Overlap will occur if you had a different fulfillment integration linked for this warehouse previously.

    > ShipWorks does not allow you to download orders from 0 days.
    > Be cautious while fulfilling orders to avoid double-fulfilling orders.

2. Check both the check boxes and and select “Shipped” as the Status.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zentail sending to ShipWorks?

Other than the obvious information needed to ship an order, Zentail sends package weight and unit price for line items.

On the order level, Zentail sends customer comments, channel name (including store name on channel), order ID from channel, total payment amount, and also the status of orders in Zentail.

How often does ShipWorks download orders from the Zentail store?

The default is 15 minutes. You can change how often orders are downloaded into ShipWorks by following the instructions here: Downloading Orders into ShipWorks (with Video)

What version of ShipWorks does Zentail integrate with?

The integration was developed based on version 5.15. If you notice any significant differences or issues with later issues, please contact [email protected].

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