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How to Integrate Shopify with Zentail
How to Integrate Shopify with Zentail

This reviews the steps to integrate Zentail with your Shopify webstore.

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1. Generate an export of your current Shopify catalog. (Shopify Guide)

2. Create a Private App on Shopify and fill out your Connection Settings on Zentail. (Zentail Guide)

3. Follow this check list:

  • In Shopify > Settings > Locations: Delete all but one location.  We recommend keeping your returns location.  Locations will now be managed by your warehouses in Zentail.

  • In your Zentail Catalog: Categorize each of your SKUs for Shopify.

  • In your Zentail Catalog: Set your SKUs to List to Shopify.

  • In your Zentail Catalog: Make sure the data in Zentail matches or exceeds the quality of the data in Shopify. Zentail will overwrite your Shopify data once you enable Product Data Sync. Note: While Shopify is case insensitive for SKUs, Zentail is not. Be sure that the casing of your SKUs in Zentail matches the ones in Shopify in order to prevent the creation of duplicate SKUs.

  • In your Zentail Integrations page: Enable the feeds that you want Zentail to send to Shopify. When ready to Go Live toggle on Production Mode.

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