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How to Resolve an Alert to Clear an Order from Needs Attention status
How to Resolve an Alert to Clear an Order from Needs Attention status

Learn what it means when an order is in the Needs Attention filter on Zentail and how you can take action.

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Orders can have an alert on them for various reasons. Perhaps a customer wants to return the order, or perhaps the ship-to address has an invalid country code, or there is an error coming from the 3rd party fulfillment provider's server.

When an order appears in Needs Attention status, an alert message (in red) will appear in the Alerts & Comments section near the bottom of the order sidebar. Please review this message to determine what action you need to take. 

Once the action required by the alert is completed, you may resolve the alert to remove the order from Needs Attention.

Here's how to resolve an alert:

  1. Go to the order, scroll down to the Alerts & Comments section and review the alert reason.

  2. If necessary, take action on the alert.

  3. (Optional) Enter notes -- your notes do not get sent to the channel or customer, this is often used for your internal reference.


Once resolved, the alert message turns green and the order is removed from Needs Attention.

Regularly checking your orders in Needs Attention is beneficial in ensuring you are resolving alerts you no longer need to see. This also helps to maintain a low and accurate number of orders in Needs Attention that actually require your attention.

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