If you have a SKU in Zentail that uses a product ID that is different from the product ID found on your Seller Center, you may have encountered this Walmart error: "This SKU is already set up with a different Product ID (i.e., GTIN, UPC, ISBN, etc.). If you are trying to change this SKU's Product ID, submit the product_id_override flag in the request." 

Walmart requires you to upload a product ID override request directly on Seller Center in order to resolve this error and change the SKU's product ID. Now, you are able to do this in Zentail through the Walmart Product ID Override feature.

Here are the steps for enabling this feature:

  1. Go to the SKU on your catalog page
  2. Scroll down on the side bar and find the Walmart card -> click Advanced Options
  3. Find the "Send SKU Update/Send Product ID Update"" toggle
  4. To send a Product ID update, check Send ID Update
    To send a SKU Update, check Send SKU Update
  5. Click Update or Update & Push. Once enabled, Zentail will send an update to Walmart to change the SKU's product ID (usually your UPC) to the value you have in Zentail, or to change the SKU for a product ID to this SKU!

You can set these fields for each SKU using our Import / Export feature! Use the attributes ending with

  • (Walmart) Send Product Id Update
  • (Walmart) Send Product SKU Update

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