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How to Integrate Amazon with Zentail
How to Integrate Amazon with Zentail

Connect to your Amazon US and Amazon North American Marketplaces

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This article covers connecting Amazon US, Amazon Unified North America, and other Amazon North American accounts (e.g. Amazon Canada, Mexico and Brazil).

Note: If you are trying to connect to a European Amazon marketplace, follow this article instead.

OAuth with Amazon

For Zentail to connect to Amazon you will need to perform an OAuth connection to Amazon. The easiest way to do this is to start on your Amazon integration page in Zentail. Once there, you'll want to click the "Login with Amazon" button.

After you click on that you'll be taken to Amazon. If you are already logged into your Seller Central you can confirm what account you are connecting on the top navigation bar:

Tip: If you aren't in the right Amazon account then try completing the process in an incognito window so you can be sure you are signed into the right Amazon integration.

On this page you'll want to check off the terms box and then click "Confirm"

After you do that you'll be redirected from Amazon Seller Central back to Zentail!

Note: it might take up to 15 minutes for the integration to show "Connected" after you complete the initial OAuth.

After you connect your Amazon integration make sure to head over to Amazon Order Reports to enable order reports for proper and accurate communication of order details from Amazon to Zentail. Instructions in this help article.

Make sure you do not set the toggle to production mode before consulting Zentail support at [email protected]!

Manage 3rd Party Developers Connected to your Amazon MWS Account

Visit the User Permissions page on Seller Central as the primary user.  Under Amazon MWS Developer Permissions, you can view a list of developers who are currently authorized to use your account.  To remove access for that developer, click Revoke under the Action column next to their name.

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