This article covers connecting Amazon US, Amazon Unified North America, and other Amazon North American accounts (e.g. Amazon Canada, Mexico and Brazil).

Note: If you are trying to connect to a European Amazon marketplace, follow this article instead.

Finding Your Marketplace Web Services (MWS) Credentials

For Zentail to sync your FBA inventory with Zentail, you will need to enter your MWS credentials into Zentail's Amazon integrations page.  Below are the steps for obtaining your MWS credentials and entering them into Zentail.  Please copy and paste the credentials into the appropriate fields on Zentail to avoid any typos.

Make sure you do not set the toggle to production mode before consulting Zentail support at [email protected]!

1. Log in to Seller Central

2. In the top bar navigate to Partner Network > Manage Your Apps or go to

3. Click on the teal Authorize New Developer button

4. Use ZentailCommerce as the developer name and 1880-9649-5222 as the Developer ID. Copy the Seller-Developer Auth Token

5. (Skip this step if you are not using Zentails Repricer) Return to the users page where you can repeat steps 2 and 3 for the repricer authorizations below.

6. (Skip this step if you are not using Zentails Repricer) Use ZentailRepricer as the name and 8281-7057-7009 as the Application Developer's Account Number (write down the Seller-Developer Auth Token for this app)

7. Go to your Integrations page in Zentail.

8. Click on the Amazon channel tab (left side of the screen). Verify that you are in Test Mode not Production Mode. Select the appropriate Marketplace ID from the drop down. The most common choices are United States (ATVPDKIKX0DER) and North America Unified. This is also where you can select other international marketplaces.  Then copy and paste your Seller ID into the Seller ID fields.

9. Enter your Seller-Developer Auth Token that you wrote down in step 4 from the ZentailCommerce app into the Seller Developer Auth Token field.

10. Enter the Repricer Seller-Developer Auth Token that you wrote down in step 6 from the ZentailRepricer app into the Repricer Seller-Developer Auth Token field.

11. Click the "Save Settings" button on the right side of the page.

12. Head over to Amazon Order Reports to enable order reports for proper and accurate communication of order details from Amazon to Zentail. Instructions in this help article

Manage 3rd Party Developers Connected to your Amazon MWS Account

Visit the User Permissions page on Seller Central as the primary user.  Under Amazon MWS Developer Permissions, you can view a list of developers who are currently authorized to use your account.  To remove access for that developer, click Revoke under the Action column next to their name.

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