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How to Integrate Amazon EU with Zentail
How to Integrate Amazon EU with Zentail

Learn how to get your MWS tokens for the European Amazon Marketplaces

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This article covers connecting to the Amazon marketplaces in the Europe region. These marketplaces include: the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, India, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Finding Your Marketplace Web Services (MWS) Credentials

Below are the steps for obtaining your MWS credentials and entering them into Zentail. Please copy and paste the credentials into the appropriate fields on Zentail to avoid any typos.
โ€‹Make sure you do not set the toggle to production mode before consulting Zentail support at [email protected]!

  1. Log in to Seller Central

  2. In the top bar navigate to Partner Network > Manage Your Apps

  3. Click on the teal Authorize New Developer button

  4. Use ZentailCommerce as the developer name and 4399-4920-3717 as the Developer ID. Copy the Seller-Developer Auth Token

  5. Go to your Integrations page in Zentail

  6. Select your European Amazon integration from the channel options on the left side

  7. Choose the right Amazon marketplace ID (one of the European marketplaces listed at the top of the article, or Europe Unified).

  8. Fill in your Amazon Seller ID

  9. Enter your Seller-Developer Auth Token that you wrote down in step 4 from the ZentailCommerce app into the Seller-Developer Auth Token field.

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