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How do I get my products to the top of Walmart Marketplace search rankings?
How do I get my products to the top of Walmart Marketplace search rankings?

This article explains the core factors that determine your search ranking and presence on Walmart Marketplace.

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Listing views

  • The number of inbound visitors that arrive on your listings from external sources like Google Shopping.

  • The number of organic visitors that arrive on your listings by browsing/searching

Transactions & SKU Reviews

  • The more purchases you have for your products, the more weight they'll carry in search results and recommendations.

  • The more positive reviews of each of your SKUs, the more weight they'll carry in search results and recommendations.

Keywords & Categorization

  • Do your listings contain keyword terms that people looking for your type of product are using in their search? 

  • Is your Walmart Product Type (assigned on a SMART Type basis and editable in the Category & Description section) most relevant? Contact us if you think your SMART Type(s) should be categorized differently for Walmart.

Here's a helpful article from Walmart: Using SEO Best Practices In Your Item Descriptions

The important takeaways are to include key search terms in your Title, Description, Short Description, and Bullet Points. There is balance between being too vague and too granular.


You can take advantage of our title override to optimize your listing according to Walmart's guidance:

  • Make it 50-75 characters in length for best readability and SEO results.

  • Create a unique, specific product name that isn't used word-for-word on other websites.

  • Follow the guideline: Brand + Clothing Size Group (if applicable) + Defining Quality + Item Name + Style (if applicable) + Pack Count

  • If the color of your item is something that customers are likely to search for, include color in the product name as well.

  • If your items are in a variant group, do not include the color in the Product Name. Instead, include the available colors in the Key Features or Description next to the Item's name.

Long Description

This is the regular description, or the description override you've set for Walmart. To improve your search engine optimization on Walmart, your description should be: 

  • At least 1000 characters in length with a maximum of 4000 characters or a list of between 10 and 30 features and benefits.

  • Include the Product Name, Brand, keywords describing the item's features and benefits and related words that customers are likely to search for. For example, if you're selling a cardigan, use synonyms like "sweater" in the description. Avoid repeating these words in an overly obvious way.

  • Ensure your Description is unique (i.e., not copied from other sites) and is truly useful for customers. Avoid too much repetition.

  • Show expertise, knowledge and authority with facts and tips.

  • Be clear and conversational when writing. You’re helping customers make an informed decision; you’re not trying to sell them on anything. Some slang is acceptable - as long as it doesn't break an authentic, straightforward tone - since it captures more key terms.

Shelf Description

Your first three bullet points in Zentail will be used for the shelf description. Please make sure that these:

  • Include the three most important benefits or features of your item.

  • Include keywords.

  • Call out specific details about the item and provide complete information. Do not repeat what the item is or include generic, meaningless information.

Seller Performance

Your Seller Scorecard in your Walmart Seller Center tracks your account performance. Take a moment to review Walmart's updated Seller Performance Standards.

  • Be sure to regularly review your Seller Scorecard to ensure your metrics are healthy, and proactively address any metrics that need to be improved.

  • Based on your fulfillment method and capabilities, you may need to adjust handling time accordingly to set performance expectations in line with your actual performance.


It's no secret that Everyday Low Prices is at the core of Walmart's competitive strategy. Walmart takes competitive pricing seriously and expect sellers to offer the most competitive prices to their customers.

Parity with Slight Advantage 

  • It's important to make sure that your pricing on Walmart matches your pricing on Amazon.

  • Put yourself in the shopper's shoes; if you're on a Walmart listing for your product, is there a reason to leave and check out Amazon? The most common reason is shipping price.  If a non-Amazon Prime shopper is on your Walmart listing and they see a price of $24.95 + Free Shipping, and they check out your product on Amazon and see that it's $24.95 + Free Shipping on orders over $49, then they are highly likely to purchase from your Walmart listing.

  • We allow you to list your products with the Reduced Price tag on This helps drive more sales and improve your product's ranking on Walmart Marketplace. For more information, please reference the following article: Walmart Promotional Pricing.

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