Welcome to 2019!  While you were busy sending out orders this holiday season, we were busy building out the tools you need to make 2019 even better.    

With an emphasis on improved listing stability and order management, below are just some of the updates that are being rolled out: 

  • 10 improvements to our Amazon integration
  • 5 improvements to our Google integration
  • 27 UI improvements, platform optimizations, and (who are we kidding) a bug or two

Here are the top ones that you’ll want to check out:

Amazon Sales Order Reports—Now Faster

We’ve made updates to improve the speed and volume at which Amazon orders flow into Zentail.  Learn how to Take Advantage of Amazon Sales Order Reports.

Take Advantage of Zentail’s Improved Order Routing

Zentail now takes into account future quantity, partially cancelled orders, and warehouse channel overrides to accurately route orders.  For more information, read How Zentail Routes Orders

3PL Central Becomes the Newest 3PL to Integrate with Zentail

True to our mission, Zentail now makes ecommerce with 3PL Central simple.  (And in case you missed it, Zentail’s kit management improvements extend to other 3PLs like ShipBob, ShipWire, FedEx, Rakuten, and Deliverr.)  For more information, read How to Integrate 3PL Central with Zentail.

Large Shopify Catalog? Zentail’s Got You Covered.

You spoke, we listened.  We've oiled the engines that let you manage Shopify catalogs with over 20,000 listings, as well as inventory by location, on our platform so that your experience is smoother.  Get set up now by Updating Your Shopify Private App.

Get Hooked Up with Zentail's Deliverr integration

Last year we announced our integration with Deliverr.  Now, you can enjoy new-and-improved inventory and kit management through Zentail.  Learn How Zentail and Deliverr Interact.

Questions? Feedback? 

Zentail is here to make ecommerce simple—and we hope our new updates do just that.  Let us know what you think by dropping us a message on our product feedback page.  And, as always, you can send us your questions at [email protected].  

Happy selling! 

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