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Listing Status Overview
Listing Status Overview

How to navigate and utilize the Listing Status page to publish more listings

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Now that you have SKUs listed to the marketplaces from Zentail, the Listing Status page will help you view which SKUs are published, understand why some SKUs may be unpublished, and what actions you should take to have them published.

We'll use Target+ as an example.

To provide actionable information, this page segments your products into their status by channel and then by their listing status. You may find your products in one of the following sections:

In addition to viewing products by listing status section, you can choose to download errors from this page. This will export a file that includes all SKUs with any error, along with supplement information to help resolve the error. Download Errors

Understanding the 'Download Errors' .csv

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Listing Status Sections

Here, we will break down each section so you can start using this Listing Status page today. Once you click on a specific channel, this will open the view in order to show each category of SKU. Starting with the most Critical Errors on top, and working down until you can see the currently published SKUs on your channel.

Note: SKUs are only included on the listing status page once you have set them to list to that channel in Zentail.


SKUs in this section are disconnected listings. This means you have SKUs that exist on both the channel and Zentail but are not currently managed by Zentail. If this is not intentional, it can result in detrimental issues, like overselling or incorrect data on the listing, and should be addressed as soon as possible.

There are three possible actions you can take with these SKUs, depending on the desired outcome.

  1. Set the SKU to List

    1. You would do this if you do want Zentail to manage this SKU and you want it to be made available for purchase on this channel.

  2. Keep it delisted on Zentail but set "Exists" on Channel" to True

    1. You would do this if you want Zentail to manage the listing but you do not want the product to be available for purchase. This can be done via QuickEdit or import.
      ​Note: If you have any difficulty finding or setting the Exists on Channel attribute, you can simply set the SKU to List, and then immediately delist it- which will have the same result.

  3. Delete the SKU directly on the channel

    1. You would do this if this is an old product that you do not want to exist on this sales channel anymore. This will remove it from the Critical Errors section in Zentail as well.

Needs Attention


Unpublished products are not available for purchase on the channel. In general, this is where we recommend users spend time resolving errors as they may be incurring an opportunity cost by not having these products published. There are a number of reasons SKUs may be unpublished, including bad or missing product data, channel requirements, and channel restrictions.

Attribute Errors

Attribute errors are errors related to the product data that you have (or don't have) in Zentail. Because this is structured data that can be associated with a specific field, it's often the most actionable error to resolve. Some things to know about this section:

  1. By default, all Product Types are included

  2. Once you've filtered the Product Type to a single product type, you can DOWNLOAD VALID VALUES for that product type.

  3. The FIX ERRORS button will generate a custom QuickEdit view for all SKUs in the selected product type, and all attributes that have an error on any of those SKUs

Uncategorized Errors

Uncategorized errors captures any other errors or issues that may be preventing this SKU from being published. This may include brand restrictions, category restrictions, listing limits, errors on the channel side, and more. To view a list of these SKUs, you can either VIEW IN QUICKEDIT or DOWNLOAD ERRORS

No Errors

It is less common to see SKUs in this section, but it may happen if the channel has not returned an error yet for these SKUs or if the error was cleared out on Zentail. The best course of action for SKUs in this section is to Update & Push the data to the channel with the intent to either publish the product or see an error.

Tip: Once you're viewing these SKUs in QuickEdit, you can create a bulk action to Update & Push product data to the channel in bulk.


Suppressed SKUs are products that are buyable on the channel, but suppressed in the channel's search results.

An example of this may be products that don't align with the channel's current merchandising strategy. The recommended action would be to reach out to the channel and see if the listed products can be made an exemption.

Published, With Errors

These SKUs are products that have been previously published, but something regarding some attribute has changed on the channel and will need to be resolved before any additional updates can be made to the channel.

Published, No Errors


You did it! Take some time to celebrate your wins, then move on to the other sections πŸŽ‰



These are products that may have been listed at some point, but are currently delisted in Zentail.

Never Listed

These products are not syncing to the channel at all.

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