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Amazon Listing Error: A value is required for the "is_expiration_dated_product" field
Amazon Listing Error: A value is required for the "is_expiration_dated_product" field

Learn how to solve this Amazon product field listing error

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For product types that have an expiration date or may lose effectiveness over time, Amazon requires certain attributes to be included when creating new ASINs. These attributes are easy to set in Zentail on a per SKU basis or in bulk via import. Shown below are the conditionally required attributes and their allowed values.

To simplify your workflow, this QuickEdit view includes the attributes described below.

Is Expiration Dated Product

Allowed values:

  • True *

  • False **

* For products where Is Expiration Dated Product is set to True, the Product Expiration Type and Fc Shelf Life (below) must also be included.

** IMPORTANT NOTE: If Is Expiration Dated Product is False, the additional attributes below are not needed.

Product Expiration Type

Allowed values:

  • Expiration Date Required - An expiration date is printed on the product packaging.

  • Expiration on Package - The product will need to be reviewed for an expiration date at inbound.

  • Production Date Required - The production or manufacturing date is printed on product packaging.

  • Shelf Life *

*If Product Expiration Type is set to be "Shelf Life", Fc Shelf Life and FcShelf Life Uom (below) need to be filled out as well.

Fc Shelf Life & Fc Shelf Life Uom

Fc Shelf Life must be an integer value and the Fc Shelf Life Uom is the unit of measure ‘days’.

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