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What's New on Zentail? 2021, Q2 Updates
What's New on Zentail? 2021, Q2 Updates
August 2021 Updates
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With Q3 of 2021 well underway, Zentail has been working hard to ensure that you have smooth sailing into Q4 and beyond. In particular, Zentail now supports WFS inventory and orders, is set up for newly required Amazon compliance attributes, and makes it easy for account admins to add integrations and warehouses. Behind-the-scenes Zentail has been busy preparing for upcoming changes to Amazon's API and implementing Walmart v4. Read on for more information about these updates and one more that's coming soon!

Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS)

If you sell on Walmart you've probably heard about WFS, Walmart's answer to FBA. But have you heard that Zentail now has the ability to sync WFS inventory and orders from Walmart? If you're approved for WFS, this means with just a few simple steps you'll be able to see your WFS inventory levels in Zentail, giving you a full picture of your inventory across all locations. In addition, you'll be able to report on orders from WFS in Zentail, giving you an accurate assessment of GMV across all your channels. Interested? You can find more information on getting started with WFS here.

Amazon Attributes

Amazon has recently introduced new attributes that are conditionally required for certain product categories, and as always Zentail is prepared to support them. Examples are "is heat sensitive" (required on certain consumable product categories), "is expiration dated product", and "pesticide marking type" (required on many products, including any that have antimicrobial properties). To learn more how to access these fields in Zentail, read about "Is Heat Sensitive", "Is Expiration Dated Product", and Listing Pesticides on Amazon.

Adding Integrations and Warehouses

Making it easier for you to take control of your Zentail setup, account administrators can now add integrations (including sales channels, inventory, and shipping) and create new warehouses without requesting help from the Support Team. The easy steps are outlined in these help articles: How to Add a Warehouse and How to Add an Integration.

Coming Soon: New Catalog Edit Experience

Be on the lookout for some exciting improvements to the Catalog Edit View in the coming weeks as Zentail rolls out changes to simplify managing your product data. This redesign eliminates tabs in favor of a single view where attributes are organized functionally along with a search tool, making it easy to find and edit specific data fields quickly. If you're interested in a sneak peek or in helping to beta test this update, please reach out to [email protected].

Happy selling!

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