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Early Access & Closed Access Features
Early Access & Closed Access Features

What is an Early Access feature? What is a Closed Access feature?

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As new features are developed in Zentail, they may go through different stages and levels of access. Early access is a phase of development where the feature is ready to use but not completely finished. Closed access, on the other hand, indicates that while the feature continues to be available it is not currently prioritized for further development work. For more information about these stages of access, read on!

Early Access

An Early Access feature is a new features that's released to allow users to test and provide feedback to the Zentail team. During the early access period, Zentail continues to work on improving the feature so your input can help to shape its future development. Early access features may be enabled for all customers or only a limited cohort of accounts for more controlled testing.

Closed Access

Features that are moved to Closed Access are not aligned with Zentail’s current product strategy. While existing Zentail customers can continue to use these features, further product work and bug fixes shouldn’t be expected in the near future.

***Important Note: New Zentail customers won't see closed access features by default but are welcome to request access by chatting in or emailing [email protected].

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