We've had a busy Q1 here at Zentail! Major features have been upgraded and we have added Newegg to our list of channel integrations.

Newegg Integration
Import and Export

Improved Scheduled Exports

Bug Fixes

Pesticide Attributes

Upcoming Features

New Sales Channel: Newegg

Have you heard about Newegg? Zentail's new Newegg integration was built using our listings API, and we invite all interested users to join the queue to get started with NewEgg.

Here's what you need to know: Newegg is an emerging marketplace with over 40 million customers, over 35 million average visits per month, and more than 132 million average page views per month. Newegg has a large D2C presence in digital commerce and is now expanding into additional categories as well as offering a wide range of marketing services.

Interested? Read more about going live with Newegg and reach out via chat or email ([email protected]) to let us know you want to get started!

Import and Export:

We've split the Import and Export experience into two separate pages.

For Import, we now default to the exceedingly useful Templates Product Data Import. You can learn more about Templateless imports here. The History for both Imports and Exports have been moved to their own pages as well.

We've added a validation stage to Imports, so that you can double check your data and preview the first ten rows of the import:

We've also included video guides for both of the new Import and Export interfaces:



Improved Export Scheduling:

It is now possible to more accurately select the dates and times you wish Exports to run. You can set the Date, Time, as well as the cadence for future reports:

Bug Fixes:

  • Zentail will now properly send Meta Keywords to BigCommerce

  • Google API upgraded to v2.1

  • Multiple improvements to listing apparel on Amazon

Pesticide Attributes:

Amazon has recently added a number of attributes related to Pesticides that may be required for certain products. You may not be aware you are selling products the EPA considers pesticides or pesticide devices, as it can be hard to identify which products qualify and why.

The attributes added to Zentail to support these kinds of listings can be found here along with answers to frequently asked questions.

Upcoming Features:

We have a number of upgrades planned for the upcoming months! In our efforts to make ecommerce simple, we're going focusing on the tools that you'll use most frequently in Zentail, specifically the Catalog Edit and listing status interfaces.

We're making better use of available screen space, as well as reducing the number of clicks needed to create new products or when addressing listing errors. We'll be removing the various tabs in the Edit SKU interface so that all your attributes can be found and easily searched for in a single page, and providing a way for you to customize which attributes you have available to you.

These changes and more will increase the speed at which you are able to get new products listed or improve the product data of existing listings.

If you’d like to learn more and get a sneak peak behind the curtain, schedule some time with Isaac Kim, Zentail's Product Manager.

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