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What's New on Zentail? January 2021 Updates
What's New on Zentail? January 2021 Updates
January 2021 Updates
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Hello and Happy New Year!

While you were busy selling over the holiday season, we've been hard at work building new features and improving existing tools. We couldn't wait to share these with you, so in addition to updating you on recent changes and bug fixes we're going to give you a sneak peek at what's to come in Q1 of 2021!

Coming Soon: Imports and Exports Simplified

Striving to make ecommerce simple(r), we're excited about some great improvements coming to the import/export experience.

  • First off, we're streamlining the Import and Export processes by splitting them apart into two separate pages.

Import and export
  • You'll be able to import data with higher confidence with our upfront validation to help ensure that you import good quality data.

  • Faster and easier access to the reports you need most often.

Import product data
  • Simpler UI navigation, performing the same actions you once did before with fewer clicks. We've added a number of new shortcuts in the menu to take you right where you want to be.

Simple UI navigation
  • More guidance and informational tool tips to help you feel confident in your decision making.

If you're interested in being a beta tester for these improvements to the import/export experience, please reach out to us via chat or email ([email protected]).

Coming Soon: Listing Split Enhancements

The Listing Splits feature for Shopify and BigCommerce will be even more useful with the ability to set Title and Description overrides per variant for listings on your webstore. Zentail will automatically append the variant attribute to the end of the title, but if you don’t want that you can easily override the title. You can also override the descriptions for your variations to optimize listings for your storefront. This flexibility allows you to both:

  • Optimize your listings per sales channel.

  • Establish faster authority on sales channels that group products on variant like size or color, so you can share the reviews across the single listing.

If you're interested in being a beta tester for these improvements to Listing Splits, please reach out to us via chat or email ([email protected]).

Walmart Shipping Templates

Are you interested in using Walmart’s new shipping template feature but haven't yet made the switch? If so, rest assured that it's easy in Zentail and it will give you a lot more flexibility around your shipping options on Walmart. This is most useful for sellers who are interested in automating adding or removing SKUs from 2-day shipping or want to assign shipping templates in bulk, but all sellers should plan to switch soon. Check out our updated article for info on how to make the switch, including instructions for Deliverr users.

Channel Attributes for Amazon Pesticide Requirements

Amazon sometimes requires specific attributes pertaining to pesticides for products, even those that don't seem to contain them. If needed, these attributes are available for you to fill out for your products in Zentail and send to Amazon. More details on listing pesticides available in this article.

Upcoming Additional Amazon Apparel Attribute Requirements

Starting August 2020, Amazon introduced new size attributes as optional in listings for Dress, Sweater, Coat, Shirt, Tunic, and Kurta product types. As of September 2020, new size attributes for Pants, Shorts, Overalls, Socks, Underpants, Sweatshirt, and Pajamas product types are available as optional in listings. Amazon is completing similar roll-outs to other apparel product types and will begin enforcing these size attribute requirements in Q1 2021, likely mid-February.

These requirements (and how to manage them easily from Zentail) are outlined in this article which will be updated soon for the remaining product types. Preparing for this change in advance is advised, so please feel free to reach out to our Support team with any questions you may have!

Open API

Zentail’s Open API has been updated to better support 3PLs looking to integrate and to allow creation of reusable apps. Rest assured that no changes are breaking changes. However, we are adding more fields that might be useful. All of these updates are reflected in our developer docs -- which will also have a fresh new look in the next couple of weeks!

Bug Fixes

  • Shipments table in Inventory Planning suite now sortable by columns (Vendor Name, Created Date, Warehouse, etc.)

  • Corrected populating and reporting of Reseller Suggested SKU

  • Fixed Bulk Action to remove products from a group

  • Correctly display Walmart shipping template name in UI after upload of the associated template ID

  • Scheduled FTP exports

Questions? Feedback?

Zentail is here to make ecommerce simple--and we hope these new updates help to do just that. If you have ideas to share, let us know by dropping us a message on our product feedback page. And, as always, you can send us your questions at [email protected].

Happy selling!

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