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Learn how to use Walmart shipping templates with Zentail

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Walmart has introduced a new way to manage shipping options on a per SKU basis: shipping templates. Walmart Shipping Templates allow a user to offer multiple types of shipping programs, like TwoDay or ThreeDay shipping, on a per-SKU basis. It is similar to Amazon’s Merchant Shipping Group Name or eBay’s Shipping Policy. In Zentail, you can manage which SKU is attached to which shipping template.

This article will explain how to import your Walmart Shipping Templates into Zentail, how to attach Walmart Shipping Templates to your SKUs, and answer some Frequently Asked Questions.

Creating Walmart Shipping Templates

You’ll want to set up your shipping templates directly in Walmart’s Seller Center. You can have up to 60 different custom templates and one default template. Learn more about how to configure your shipping templates here:

Importing Shipping Templates into Zentail

To import your Walmart Shipping Templates into Zentail, you’ll want to navigate to your Walmart integrations page. There, you’ll see an option to “Sync Shipping Templates.”

After you click that button, Zentail will import all your active shipping templates from your Seller Center. They will show up with their ID and their name.

Note: If you change your templates on Walmart (add or remove templates), you’ll need to sync the shipping templates again from Zentail.

Troubleshooting tip: If you don't see any templates appear in Zentail after you click "Sync Shipping Templates" make sure to check Zentail's permissions. Go to Walmart's Developer center and log in, and you'll see Zentail's key. Make sure Zentail has Full Access to "Shipping" and "Rules".

Assigning Walmart Shipping Templates to SKUs in Zentail

You can assign a SKU to a particular shipping template through a number of different ways: on a per-SKU basis, in QuickEdit, or by using a report. Note: If a SKU is not assigned a template in Zentail, then it will have the Default template on Walmart.

Per-SKU basis

To assign a shipping template to a particular SKU, you’ll want to go to “Advanced Options” on the Walmart integrations card:

In the sidebar that pops out, towards the bottom you’ll see an option to select a shipping template. Simply select the shipping template you wish to apply, then click “Update” or "Update & Push."

In QuickEdit

To assign SKUs to templates in QuickEdit, you’ll want to add the column for the Shipping Template ID. If you search “Walmart Shipping Template,” this option will come up. Note: This is not to be confused with the “Walmart Shipping Template Name” field, which is just for reference. You need to assign a SKU to the numeric template ID in Zentail order to properly send the shipping template to Walmart.

If you know the ID of the shipping template you want to assign, you can just paste that into the Walmart Shipping Template ID field. On your integrations page, you’ll have a reference of all IDs.

In an Import

Much like in QuickEdit, you’ll want to add the column header for the Walmart Shipping Template ID in the file that you upload. Use the Data Dictionary to look up the exact column name, which will be unique to your Walmart integration. Then select Templateless Product Data from the Import/Export dashboard. Assign the Walmart Shipping Template ID to your SKUs in the spreadsheet, then import.

Note: Because Walmart's shipping template IDs are very long, make sure that if you are using Excel you do not save the IDs in scientific notation.

Removing Walmart Custom Shipping Templates from SKUs

If you no longer want to have a custom shipping template associated with a SKU, you’ll need to assign the default template ID to that SKU. You can assign the default template ID just like you assigned the custom template ID—in the Advanced Options UI, on QuickEdit, or through an import. You should not simply clear out the shipping template ID or set it to be blank.

Syncing Shipping Template Mappings to Walmart

In order for Zentail to send the shipping template information to Walmart, you will need to enable the Shipping Template Data feed from your Walmart integrations page.

Using Shipping Templates with Deliverr

If you are live on Deliverr you can still use shipping templates with Zentail. You'll be able to import all your shipping templates via your Walmart integrations page. Check out the section on importing templates for more details.

When you import your templates you will see the templates that Deliverr has created, and (if you created a custom template) your custom template. That custom template should not offer 2 day shipping. All Deliverr templates will have names like "Deliverr 12345678".

In general Deliverr will manage assigning SKUs to shipping templates, so it is recommended to not add any custom shipping template to any SKU that has inventory in Deliverr. Additionally you should not assign SKUs to Deliverr templates nor modify Deliverr templates in any way.

Learn more about how Deliverr manages fast tags on Walmart, including with shipping templates here.


Why use Walmart shipping templates?

Shipping templates can be used to more easily assign subsets of your catalog to expedited shipping programs. If you have certain SKUs (perhaps lighter weight SKUs) that you are able to offer two or three-day shipping, you can use shipping templates to more easily group those SKUs.

Additionally you can leverage the powerful automation rules that Zentail has to change your Walmart shipping settings based on stock availability, so you can choose to offer two-day shipping until you hit a certain threshold of inventory, after which your SKU could flip to a different shipping template.

I use Deliverr, can I also use shipping templates?

Yes! You'll want to keep a couple things in mind, so check the section on using shipping templates with Deliverr.

What if I’m already using shipping templates on Walmart? Should I enable Zentail to manage them?

We recommend it! Assigning shipping templates in Zentail means that if you want to change your shipping template assignments, you can use the tools in Zentail, like import/export or bulk actions, to simplify the process. You can download a report of your Walmart shipping configuration from the Import/Export page under the Walmart dropdown:

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