How to Map Your SKUs

A Walkthrough to Assist with Cleaning Up Your Catalog

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Whether you were using previous software like Zentail or manually managing your SKUs on each marketplace, it is best practice to map SKUs. This guide will help you figure out how to begin the mapping process and some recommendations to make it easier.

  1. The first step is to identify the SKU value you want to be the main Zentail SKU. Choose wisely as this cannot be edited unless you Re-SKU.

  2. After you have decided your SKU value, it’s time to compare your catalogs on each marketplace and see if they have a common identifier such as a Title, UPC/EAN/ISBN/GTIN, or MPN.

Let’s take a look at this Template File

In the template file, there is a sheet for you to fill in with the product data that you pulled from the corresponding marketplace.

We recommend generating a catalog export from each of your channels and lining up your identifiers with the Template file above. Zentail can pull you Amazon, ebay, Shopify & Big Commerce catalogs. This is located in Import / Export > Run Existing Report > Select Channel > Full Product Data > Generate & Download Report

Some channels like Walmart are not supported for pulling and will need to be done directly on the Channel. If you are unable to generate a report either on Zentail or the Channel itself, reach out to Support for assistance with filling in the data.

Once you have the channel catalogs, you will then need to reference each identifier on the first “Zentail Ready SKUs” sheet. You’ll notice in the red-hat SKU value has all the identifiers next to it and is able to map to each accordingly despite having different data in some other fields including different SKU values completely.

The key is to find the common identifier and map them to one SKU.

Using an Excel formula can help with filling in the identifiers while referencing other sheets. The VLOOKUP() function looks in an array and returns the value you are looking for (like the SKU)

Consult with your Onboarding Specialist and Support team if you need assistance with setting up your file.

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