As we turn our attention to fall and preparations for the upcoming holiday selling season, Zentail is adding even more tools to help you manage your catalog -- and other business processes -- as efficiently as possible. With the exciting new Listing Splits feature you can now customize groupings on your webstore. New Internal Attributes make it easy to create your own unique attributes that don't exist on channels to track valuable product information, build bulk actions, enhance reporting, and more. If you have a Shopify store, you can now add metafields to send additional item specifics without incorporating those details into the description. Adding another way to automate interactions with outside systems, we've expanded the file transfer protocol (FTP) feature to support scheduled imports into Zentail from an externally hosted server. And to top this all off, the all new Zentail Listings API is now available for third-party developers and those wishing to build sales channel integrations. Read on for more details!

Listing Splits

Have you ever wanted to group products differently on different channels, with one large group on Amazon and then smaller groups (or individual listings) on your Shopify or BigCommerce store? If so, this new feature is for you. By creating a split listing, you can customize a grouping for your web store to be a subset of a larger product group on Amazon. Take a look at this article and overview video to learn more about how to manage product groupings using listing splits.

Internal Attributes

You asked and we listened. In response to customer demand in Zentail's Ideas portal, we've created Internal Attributes that enables you to create your own custom product attributes to use for internal business purposes. Your Internal Attributes can then be used in multiple ways such as Import/Export, QuickEdit, Bulk Actions, and more. To learn about how to create and use Internals Attributes, check out this help article.

Shopify Metafields

If you've ever wanted a simple way to add more item specifics to your Shopify product listings, it's now possible to do just that by leveraging metafields. Check out this great article for more information about how to get setup metafields in Zentail and send these attributes to your Shopify store.

FTP Imports

Zentail's new support for FTP imports makes it possible to schedule data transfers from an external server into Zentail on a monthly, weekly, daily, or every 4-hour cadence. If you're a seller who uses an outside ERP to manage pricing, you can schedule an FTP import to update pricing in Zentail. If you use a drop-ship supplier, you can create a daily FTP to import quantity from your drop-ship location. Read more about how to set up FTP imports to learn about what's required to take advantage of this feature.

Listings API

Zentail's Listings API, a way for integrators (such as sales channels and third-party developers) to create new sales channel integrations in Zentail, is now available! Integrations built with the listings API can take full advantage of Zentail's Smart Type system to easily map attributes to the right categories. Take a look at this article for more information on the Listings API and requesting access as well as links to technical documentation.

Questions? Feedback?

Zentail is here to make ecommerce simple--and we hope these new updates help to do just that. If you have ideas to share, let us know by dropping us a message on our product feedback page. And, as always, you can send us your questions at [email protected].

Happy selling!

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